A Layman's Understanding Of The Book Of Revelation

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Born of a middle-class family during the depression years it was never over endowed with finance and with one older sister and one elder brother Ernie. This was a family of graciousness and love although as children’s mother favorite saying was, “Fight you kids, I hate peace.” The family was not a practicing Christian family and I found Jesus through Christian education in primary school. At thirteen I finalized secondary school where I had joined a lunchtime Christian group while I accepted a position as an apprentice motor mechanic, the first of many and varying jobs. I became interested in sport, lacrosse and later jazz music and I tried playing the trombone, but not over successfully. I became interested in church and public speaking and studied under a voice production instructor in Melbourne. I then assisted in Church services in the Methodist Church and became interested in child welfare work. My preaching expanded  from  local to State wide  and eventually  all of Eastern Australia. I met my

wife who arrived from Holland on her 15th birthday and a year later became good friends, lovers and married on the 23rd of January 1954. Now after 66 years our love has never weakened and the love of God still keeps us. We welcomed a family of four girls and two boys. We cannot omit some of our trials. At sixteen my second son had a motorcycle accident which left him with a permanently damaged leg. Later in life I suffered aMVA which made me a disabled pensioner and apart from heart attacks and other health and financial problems, falls and sickness which abound in every normal family the one did not expect was the passing of our eldest twin at 47 this year. She suffered originally seventeen years ago with a melanoma which was successfully removed only to suffer with a progressive malenomo which ended her earthly existence.It was Tanya’s solid belief in a good God and His Son which caused me to seek to publish these books. Our Contribution to Australia’s population: Children: - 6 - +: - Grandchildren 18: - Great grandchildren 19: - Great grandchildren 3: - Alan after a serious operation months later Joined a voluntary Faith organization as a construction worker and served on three projects. Having moved through Victoria and Queensland he has served in many positions and in many denominations and still believes there is one church the Church of God made-up Free-Thinking God Followers Standing up and only OUR SAVIOUR AND PROMISED KING JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD.